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Song no 6

23 jan 2018 19:48
Oh love
Right from the start
You were old love
Like we´ve never been parted
You kissed me
Your hands down my side to my hips
Still shivers inside
All the breathing
From your mouth through mine
About how long
There´s hunger for one more time
Lover of mine, when I kissed you
I felt so good, tell this tale to me
Well I won´t believe
That I´m already here
Tell this tale to me
No, I won´t believe
That we´re already here

Oh love, you covered my skin
With your eyes as they found me
I kissed you, danced in your sand
And fell into a never ending moment
And the whisper from your mouth through mine
With those words that gently filled my lungs
Lover of mine, when I´m with you
I forget how am I to being lonely
Living without you
Spend another day passing by you
Don´t wanna know how it feels if I do


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